Ancient Industrial Hub and Fortress in Arbanas Neighbourhood near Radomir

03 May

Archaeological excavations in 1983-84 testify to the existence of a significant industrial and commercial centre until the mid-3rd c. The southern wall and the gate of the fortress have been explored, as well as a massive building in its centre. The building is constructed of stone and white mortar. In its east and, in an almost square room of stone, an apse is set. A number of interesting finds have been unearthed in a late antique layer southwest of the buildings: bone needles, medical tools, lead mirrors, bronze button-bells, jewellery and coins.

After the mid-3rd c., a fortress had been erected over the well-functioning industrial and trade hub.

For the time being, just a few hand-made ceramics testify to the pre-Roman period of this curious archaeological site. Individual finds have been excavated, typical of metal-working: a hammer, pair of compasses, items of bronze and lead, remains of kilns and pits for keeping raw stuff, as well as two fragments of votive tablets, featuring Zeus.

In 1987, during the exploration of the late antique fortress at Arbanas, two churches were discovered, constructively connected with the east wall of the enclosure. It suggests the existence of a big early Christian centre, most probably a fortified monastery. In the early Byzantine period the east church was reconstructed into a dwelling. For the purpose, its western side was made with a hearth of bricks.

Such a rebuilding of an early Christian church into a dwelling has a sole logical explanation: the inhabitants of the fortress were replaced, most probably, by the tribes invading the empire from the north.


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3 responses to “Ancient Industrial Hub and Fortress in Arbanas Neighbourhood near Radomir

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  2. mathesturkey

    September 7, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    Ancient industrial hub and fortress.. Hımm it indicates the presence of a great civilization in the region.


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